KEY IDEAS; Key Ideas: Sustainable & Nature- Driven
SATYR is dedicated to the outdoor lover, adventurer, and woodland trekker. The degradation of natural land due to the over-exploitation of tourism is an issue affecting habitats everywhere. SATYR partnered with wildlife foundations to ensure a portion of profits from products and vehicles go towards wildlife and habitat conservation, with an emphasis on protecting the forests and animals that call the forest home. 
CMF Design | 3D Modeling | 3D Rendering | Branding ​​​​​​​

SATYR off-roading vehicles are available in three main color ways and models, utilizing 100% vegan-sourced leather, natural dyes, and wood pulp for sustainability. 
 Sleek. Sharp. Fierce. The SATYR Vixen™ is optimized for next-level performance and thrill. 
Refined. Confident. Stoic. The SATYR Stag™ off-roading edition is for those wanting to venture deep into the wild. ​​​​​​​
Bold. Dynamic. Daring. The SATYR Lykos™ edition is perfect for any adventure.
Wordmark metal render
Sustainability matters and these small bags have a large impact. The SATYR Woodland Edition bags are created with ethically sourced vegan leather and naturally dyed canvas. All bags feature an exclusive embroidered antler icon.

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